The Mystery and Magnificence of Akasha

Tapping into the Akashic Records has been one of the most awesome journeys of my life. It is there in the timelessness of all dimensions Love is most evident. Whenever I am visiting this wonderful world, whether it be for myself or another, I am healed. I am able to be totally in the moment, in the limitless field where information and Love flow freely. Its hard to explain what happens in the 3D senses, except to say that there is a knowing, a visceral sense of the immortality of the soul. We are immortal beings filled with the knowledge of the Universe, and all the answers to all the questions live within us. Its the knowing how to tap in, tune in and turn on to all that information. We are dense energy beings while in this human body and sometimes our filters need to be cleared in order to really ‘hear’ what information is being gracefully and beautifully given to us. Which is where an Akashic Record Consultant comes in… For me its in the daily practice of checking in with the Masters and Teachers of Akasha that keeps my filter clear, so that when I read the records for another the frequency is fine tuned so that I don’t even question the information coming through.  Having the opportunity to give my clients the answers to their deeper questions is a true honor for me, knowing how this information can transform their lives and give them a renewed sense of self fills me with joy. In Love, Joanna